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Cette semaine pour fêter Halloween, tous les élèves de l’ISM sont invités à participer à la Murder Mystery Week.  
Les professeurs de langues ont mis en scène la mort d’un de leurs collègues. Les élèves auront toute la semaine pour élucider l’affaire et mettre la main sur le meurtrier.
Voici le courrier que les élèves ont reçu :
Dear Students,
On Monday at 9.10 am, the dead body of Mister Vanhoutte was found by Ms Langhendries and her students in Mister Debrux’s office.He has been hit on the head.
Thirty minutes later, the Police arrived on the crime scene. The police officers did some researches.Mr Vanhoutte apparently taught on Friday from 8.30am to 3.25 pm in Mister Debrux’s office.
At 3.30 pm, he attended a meeting in the same room with: Miss Godeau, Miss Petit, Miss Scagliola, Miss Langhendries, Miss Pourbaix, Mister Lefevre, Mister Giurgola and Mister Delfosse.They had to meet to discuss the talent show project which will take place on December 6th.
This year like any year, Miss Godeau auditioned all these teachers to be part of the jury in the Talent Show Project.
This year, she chose new faces. In fact, Misss Petit, Miss Scagliola, Miss Langhendries and Mister Vanhoutte have been chosen to become the new jury! After announcing the new, all the members of the 2017 jury decided to celebrate and met in the teachers ‘room to drink some champagne.
Mr Vanhoutte didn’t get the chance to drink to this amazing new. He disappeared just after all the teachers were heading to the teachers’ room.
At the moment, there are at least 8 main suspects but everyone who was at school that day, saw or spoke to Mister Vanhoutte, needs to be questioned. Look for some items that may lead you to the killer.
Don’t forget to answer the following questions: Where is the crime scene?What can you see next to the body?What’s the weapon?
Who are the suspects? Who is the killer?
Good luck and be careful! 

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